Hello Friends, Welcome to Hindimedium.net.

हिंदी Medium दो दोस्तों शबनम परबीन और अभिजीत द्वारा स्थापित एक ब्लॉग है। चाहे आप जीवन शैली (Lifestyle Blog) या रिश्ते (Relationship) या तकनीक(Technology) के बारे में जानकारी की तलाश में हों, यह ब्लॉग आपके लिए सही है।

Our vision:

Our aim is to provide value content to our Indian readers in our own official language Hindi.

At this age of information, anything can be found on the internet and blogs are one such medium where people can share knowledge, day to day experiences and a it’s great platform for readers to gain knowledge but unfortunately only 0.04% blogs are in Hindi.

Everyone likes to write in English as it would sound cool to them. But we did not follow the same route as others are going instead we decided to create our blog in Hindi. We hope our readers like and appreciate our efforts.

About our authors:

Shabnam Parbin – Shabanm is from Jorhat, Assam and she is a content writer and co founder of hindimedium.net. She has done her master degree in Political Science from Dibrugarh University. She writes about lifestyle, relationships and jobs related articles on हिंदी Medium.

Abhijit Chutia – Content writer and co founder of hindimedium.net. Abhijit likes to write about technology, SEO and web designing as well as other tech related blogs.